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Posted by Omana H.M Apr 27, 2022

You may have a lot of questions if you’re considering braces vs. clear aligners to correct your teeth or your child’s teeth. Which method is more efficient? Which is the more affordable option? It’s a difficult choice: you want to straighten your teeth but can’t decide between braces and clear aligners while comparing the benefits and disadvantages of each. Fortunately, that’s what this guide is for! We will answer all of your questions about the differences between these two types of orthodontic treatment here. So, braces vs. clear aligners: which is better?


Clear Aligners vs. Braces

When deciding between clear aligners and braces, you should consider how much correction is needed, your age, and your lifestyle. In addition, the type of orthodontic therapy that is right for you should also be decided by the kind of orthodontic problem you want to correct. Let’s take a look at the two options.



Braces are attached to your teeth and are constructed of metal or porcelain. Braces utilize metal wires and elastic bands to apply force to the teeth, assisting them in moving into the proper position. Braces are always the better option if you want the most perfect result.


Clear Aligners

Aligners are a type of appliance constructed of plastic and custom-built to fit your teeth. Each aligner gradually brings the teeth closer to their final place. Various teeth have little bumps of composite resin (tooth-colored filling material) affixed to help the aligner grab the tooth and move it correctly. These are only effective for smaller movements and treatments that require no vertical movement or bite correction. Their effectiveness is also determined by the size of your teeth. Dr. Omana can let you know if you are a good candidate.



Do you like to keep your treatment a secret, or are you open about the smile you’re pursuing? Invisalign aligners are clear plastic aligners that closely fit a person’s teeth and are practically unnoticeable from a distance, unlike metal braces. One of the key reasons many individuals prefer transparent aligners to braces is their discreet appearance.  However, Dr. Omana also offers porcelaine (tooth colored) braces for those who are more aesthetically minded. Traditional metal braces are noticeable, but it is entirely up to you how prominent they are. We use small elastics to keep the archwire secure in braces. These elastics are a terrific way for many younger patients to incorporate colorful colors or patterns into their orthodontic treatment. Braces can also be made to appear less noticeable by utilizing tooth-colored elastics or clear or tooth-colored plastic.



Aligners, on the whole, are more comfortable than braces. The lips and cheeks are less affected by the plastic aligner than by metal or porcelain braces, even though the teeth are still sore when they begin to shift. Traditional braces come with various pokey metal attachments and wires, increasing the risk of ulcers on the cheeks, lips, and tongue. While both clear aligners and braces cause some discomfort, we plan your treatment with aligners from the start. It’s easier to spread out movements to reduce pain.



The actual appointments to the office are usually considerably simpler and, in certain situations, can be fewer overall with clear aligners because the tooth movement is pre-planned by your orthodontist, Dr. Omana. Fewer appointments might be a huge benefit for individuals who lead hectic lives! You’ll visit your orthodontist multiple times during treatment to check in and make changes as needed if you’re wearing braces. You may have appointments every few weeks since Dr. Omana customizes your smile as you progress through treatment.

Brace wearers should avoid hard and chewy foods such as almonds, popcorn, and bagels to avoid damage or irritation. Some foods are difficult to consume while wearing braces, and they can cause breakages, delaying therapy and necessitating additional visits for repairs. You can take out the clear aligners, which means that you won’t have to modify your eating habits or how you eat.


Clear aligners are a popular and comfortable method of teeth straightening. Traditional braces are the best solution for persons who require extensive correction or those who lack the self-discipline to wear an aligner for 22 hours or more each day. There’s a lot to think about when assessing the pros and cons of orthodontic treatment. To make your selection easier, decide which benefits or disadvantages are most important to you. Most essential, don’t be afraid to ask questions.  Consult an experienced specialist like Omana Orthodontics today if you need help selecting if braces or clear aligners are right for you or your child.

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