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The Importance Of Dental X-Rays During An Examination

Posted by Omana H.M Jan 24, 2023

Dentists need dental x-rays for a variety of reasons. Patients need to have their jaws and teeth X-rayed, but the most common one is to check for cavities. During a dental examination, a dentist will use X-rays to scan for hidden cavities in between your teeth or underneath your gum line that cannot be seen with the naked eye. These images will reveal any decay or infection before it advances and becomes a larger problem later down the line. X-rays are an essential diagnostic tool for any dentist to properly evaluate a patient’s oral health.

What Are Dental X-rays Used For?

When it comes to oral examinations, your hygienist needs more than just a visual examination of your teeth and mouth to determine what’s going on with your oral health. Some issues can only be detected using advanced scanning technologies, such as digital X-rays. These images allow the dentist to detect cavities, impacted teeth, decay, and other concerns invisible to the naked eye. Many of these small problems early can prevent larger issues in the future. In some cases, patients require an x-ray before undergoing certain treatments, such as dental implants or tooth extractions. Your dentist may also use these images to identify wisdom teeth that are ready to erupt, providing an opportunity to extract them before complications occur.

Because dental office uses these scans for preventive procedures as well as tools that help to diagnose problems, they are vital to the success of any examination. Without them, your dentist won’t be able to fully assess your dental health and provide effective treatment as needed. This is why it is so important to keep up with regular appointments every six months. By catching problems early on, you can have a variety of treatments that are less invasive and more affordable. If problems are left unaddressed for too long, you may suffer from extreme discomfort, pain, and even tooth loss and infection.

Why Are Dental X-rays Important?

While brushing and flossing are two important parts of maintaining good oral hygiene, they don’t always provide a complete picture of what is going on in your oral cavity. By taking digital radiographs, your dentist can diagnose tooth decay or gum disease that may otherwise go unnoticed. If your checkup reveals an issue that is beyond your at-home care—such as a crack in a tooth or impacted wisdom teeth—then a dental x-ray is the best way to determine the extent of the issue and what treatment is needed to correct the problem.

At-home dental care is an important component of preventative dentistry. By practicing proper oral hygiene at home and scheduling regular checkups at the dentist’s office, you can ensure a healthy smile for many years to come.

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