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Your first visit to our offices in Salt Lake City or South Jordan will be enjoyable and positive.

We will allow you ample time to ask questions or tell us about any concerns you may have. We will go over your expectations – your visit should be comfortable and educational.

We specialize in everything related to mouth construction: from braces to bridges, we are committed to making our client’s mouths beautiful.

Whatever your desire or need, Dr. Hamid Omana and his team will take all the time necessary to ensure your visit at Omana Orthodontics is a pleasant one.

If you live in Salt Lake City, South Jordan, Murray or the surrounding areas, visit our Salt Lake City or South Jordan Orthodontic office for all of your orthodontic needs. We focus on making your visit comfortable. To this end we have built a new modern facility with state-of-the-art technology like TVs on the ceiling.

What our patients are saying...

"Really great place and people! Moving from Chicago has been pretty strenuous on me in terms of looking for a new orthodontist but Dr. Omana and his staff (especially Kim) were amazing and a huge help! I was able to schedule an appointment with his staff quickly. Dr. Omana was really funny, put me at ease and was able to give me his honest opinion about my case. His office even offered to recommend me to someone else if they couldn't treat me. That's definitely how you keep clients happy!"

"To say that Dr. Omana is excellent and patient would be an understatement. I got braces in my late 30's and my experience could not have been better! He directed me to the best option for my tooth movement and the results are lasting and incredible! One thing I can say, as an adult, make your appointments during school hours!!!"

"All my sibling went to this orthodontist and we all came out off that door with perfect teeth. When I went in they told me 18 months and I got them off at 9. I went in for a check up at 5 months still perfect teeth! Thanks for all the mouth work, see ya soon for the last Le sibling."

"We love love love Dr. Omana! He has put braces on all four of our children. He does a fantastic job. Our kids get compliments on their beautiful teeth all of the time! And he is great with follow up for life! His staff is exceptionally good and they are all friendly. They bend over backwards to help you. Every time we walk in the door we are greeted by an energetic "hello!" From the super cute reception staff. (I love Kim and Nicole!) They have 2 locations. They are down town Salt Lake on Monday and Tuesday and in South Jordan on Wednesday and Thursday. Best ortho ever!"

"This place is great. Look. I am an adult who now has braces. This is my new reality. I looked at a few orthos to see where I wanted to go. This is the winner. Their prices were comparable to others but they also offered a discount because I paid in cash and all up front. My braces have been on for 4 months and already my bite is better and my teeth are straighter! The staff is just friendly and fun. They have little contests for their patients during the holidays or on social media. Dr. Omana sure has a sense of humor. But I also like that he told me straight up honest that he knew he could fix some of the teeth issues, but might not be able to fix all of them. I appreciated his honesty and forthrightness. The facility in SoJo is always clean and looks tidy. This is a must for me, especially since they work on my teeth. You know that smell when you walk into the dentist office? You know the smell, right? The one that makes you swallow and get ready for pain on a subconscious level? I am not going to pretend they do not have it, because they do. But really, as long as you follow the orthodontist rules about keeping your teeth cleaned, flossed regularly, and don't eat the foods he tells you not to eat, you will sail through having braces!! And I personally recommend these guys to help you with that!"


702 E. South Temple, Ste. 207, Salt Lake City, UT 84102

Phone: (801) 359-4151

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10393 S. 1300 W, Ste 100, South Jordan, UT 84095

Phone: (801) 359-4151

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  • WED - THU:9:00 am-5:00 pm
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